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Wednesday 7-23-14 Recap!

There's a big controversy over teen who took selfie at Auschwitz:


Ben Stein is a creepy perv.  Allegedly.  You have to click that link and check out the series of text messages between Ben (again, allegedly) and a pregnant woman named Tanya Ma.  Money, creepiness, seduction, mystery... it's all there.  


Oh, that Billy Clinton . . . still humpin' around behind Hillary's back.  According to a new book, Bill has a "busty blonde mistress" who regularly visits the Clinton family home in Chappaqua, New York when Hillary's out of town.  His Secret Service detail refers to her as "The Energizer", and they have standing orders when she shows up . . . quote, "You don't stop her, you don't approach her, you just let her go in."  It's not clear if Hillary knows about The Energizer, but HER security people keep in touch with Bill's, so there are no "uncomfortable run-ins". 

Apparently, more and more women have found it's possible to CLIMAX during a workout.  Scientists call it an "exercise induced orgasm," or EIO.  We don't have the exact numbers on women who've had EIOs, but it's enough that they're starting to make the news.  The exercises where it's most likely to happen are climbing poles or ropes . . . biking or spinning . . . and weight lifting.  The key is having your abs engaged, so things like yoga and sit-ups can also make it happen.  But the BEST exercise to make it happen is doing knee lifts on something called a captain's chair.  Which SOUNDS like a filthy sex product, but isn't . . . here's how you make it one.  You've probably seen the captain's chair at the gym.  It's like a tall chair without a seat.  It has two padded armrests that you put your arms on . . . then you lift your knees up to your chest to work your abs



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