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Wednesday 6-4-14 Recap!

New England Patriot Shane Vereen stopped in this morning to talk a little Pats' football, and to give us the run down on his upcoming football camp, the proceeds from which will benefit Children's Hospital in L.A.  If you missed the segment, check out the podcast here:

For more info on Shane's camp, go to this link.


Other podcasts from today's show:

We went inside the warped female brain to see if one cheating spouse giving the other a hall pass is worth it.


What's the most weight a vagina can lift?  Find out the answer in Facts Schmacts.


Other topics we discussed today:

Malaysian Man comes up short (get it???) after buying penis enlarger online.

Breast-feeding selfies are the new hotness.

"I kill white people like you."  Direct quote.  Now shut off your damn phone.


Courtney Love wants a rose named after her.  Why, no?


Finally... this is by no means new, but I re-discovered it after the show today: