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Wednesday 6-25-14 Recap!

This is Dan Maurer.  He's got a tumor in his scrotum that is causing it to weigh 100 pounds.  Hear about his story here:


What is with these people taking pictures of trains and NOT paying attention?  Those babies go faster than you think!


Facebook just keeps finding new ways to take down idiot criminals.   26-year-old Nicholas Wig of South St. Paul, Minnesota broke into a guy's house last week, and stole cash, credit cards, some keys, and a watch.  And while he was in the house, he also logged into FACEBOOK on a computer there.  He didn't STEAL the computer though . . . and more importantly, he didn't bother to log OUT of Facebook.  So when the guy who lived there got home, he found Nick logged into Facebook, and sent his info along to the cops.  They arrested Nick, and he's been charged with felony burglary.  He could get up to 10 years in prison . . . all because he didn't log out of Facebook.   Here's the dope:


A woman was just banned from the Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee . . . and that's definitely the best outcome she could've hoped for here, since the more LIKELY outcome was DEATH.  Zoo security caught her last week outside the lion enclosure, trying to feed them COOKIES.  So they asked her to leave.  But she came back on Monday . . . and this time she jumped INTO the lion enclosure, tried to feed them cookies AGAIN . . . and to sing to them.  A witness says she was singing, quote, "some song that was telling how much she missed them."  Fortunately, the zoo staff got her out of the enclosure before the lions could maul her.  She's been banned from the zoo for life.


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Is that a knife in your back, or are you just happy to see me?

So much for that Amazon drone delivery...

Kevin Faulk doesn't think his former teammate Aaron Hernandez is guilty.


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