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Wednesday 6-18-14 Recap!

Viagra... it's a bitch.  Old people everywhere are over-the-top frisky.  One Japanese man is in trouble with the law for allegedly stalking an 80-year-old woman he met while his now-deceased wife was in the hospital.  (He's 85, btw.)  Read more here.  


Is that a baby on the highway?  Bryant Collins spent 10 years in jail for drugs.  But he got out five years ago, turned his life around, and works as a mechanic now.   On Friday morning, Bryant was driving down a highway near Athens, Georgia when he spotted something moving on the side of the road.  Which 99 times out of a hundred is going to be an animal.  But this time it wasn't . . . it was a 15-month-old BABY that was about to crawl across the road.  Luckily, Bryant spotted her in time, slammed on his brakes, and saved her.  It turns out her parents weren't paying attention, and she'd crawled away from their house . . . which was almost a QUARTER MILE away.  After police showed up, so did her 37-year-old father Timothy Pickens, who tried to grab her and ended up shoving one of the cops.  He was arrested for cruelty to children, reckless conduct, and obstructing an officer.  Meanwhile, Bryant stuck around for two hours to stay with her.  Police say the mother might also be facing charges.


20-year-old Sophie Pearl Dalzell of Cumbria, England is a TOPLESS MODEL . . . and unfortunately, she's getting VERY close to going to jail.  Sophie was arrested back in 2012 for assaulting two female police officers.  She got off with just community service and probation . . . but even that was too much for her.  She was just in court because she missed a probation meeting, and had a hell of an excuse . . . she told the judge she was in Belgium getting her breasts enlarged to a 32H bra size.  The judge was a guy, so he actually bought that excuse and let her off with a warning to not miss any more meetings or community service.  Even that might be a stretch for her.  She says she doesn't want to do any more community service because, quote, "I hate it, I hate the people there, and I hate the work they try to make me do."  "They make you pick up litter, they make you dig, and they make you rake leaves up.  It's horrible.  They make you work from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.  It's a waste of a day and it's just too hard for me."


Paula Deen's son is being criticized for this tweet:


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Should car services like Uber and Lyft be subject to the same rules as taxis and liveries? 

These guys broke into a luxury mansion and threw a few craigslist parties for "classy women."


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