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Wednesday 6-11-14 Recap!

The President is in town today to speak at Worcester Tech's graduation.  You've been warned.  Find road closures and restrictions here.  


We went inside the warped female brain this morning after a man wrote us about the marriage sabbatical that his wife suggested.  She proposed what basically amounts to a trial separation, except with an agreement to get back together at the end.  He was a little baffled because he felt like this would go against everything marriage is supposed to be about.  It's important to note that she added "no questions asked" about what happens when the two are apart.  So is this crazy or perhaps a solution to a relationship that has gotten stale?  Listen to the conversation below, and check out the comments on Facebook.


So... you know sex with a kid is illegal, right?  I'd hope so.  This St. Louis Archbishop seemed to be a little unclear when testifying in court...


Are you going to go see "Dumb and Dumber To?"


A woman in South Carolina received a $1,000 tip from a customer on Mother's Day.  Only Waffle House refused to put the tip through because it was on a debit card.  The customer heard about it later on, and went back to bring a check to the mother to make good on the tip.  Watch the story here:


Also on today's show:

A Seattle anesthesiologist has had his license suspended after he was sexting his girlfriend while a patient was under

If you have to call 911 and the officer calls back on his personal cell, don't send nude selfies

And finally, a man in China crashed his car after the e-brake was knocked out of place during a threesome.  Video here:


Tomorrow, Hal Sparks joins us in studio during the 7 o'clock hour!


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