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Wednesday 5-28-14 Recap!

Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow got into it on the social medias with columnist Ann Hornaday who, basically, blamed the Elliott Rodger massacre on idealism in movies.  Check out the article here and then read on.  

Seth reached out with these tweets:


Judd added this:


And Sarah Silverman had her $0.02 to throw in:


Here's Ann's response to her critics:


Greg was thrilled to report this morning that he no longer holds the honor of "Worst Ceremonial First Pitch."  50 Cent took to the field to throw the first pitch for the Mets... and it goes left.  WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY left.  


There was a big development yesterday in the Jared Remy murder trial.  I'm sure you are all pretty much up to speed by now with his plea of guilty to first degree murder.  So the question remains... does Jerry Remy stay with the Red Sox or does he go?  Can you separate this event from his job?  Did he enable this behavior by continuing to hire lawyers to get his son off on previous charges?  Or should Red Sox Nation just not care?  There's a conversation happening about it on our Facebook page... feel free to weigh in there or comment below with your thoughts.


There’s a new record for the most expensive drink at Starbucks.  A guy named Andrew Chifari in Dallas, Texas managed to get a single drink that cost $54.75 . . . and he did it without a ton of gimmicks.  He just ordered a regular vanilla bean Frappuccino, and added 60 extra shots of espresso.  Andrew's drink wound up filling up a 128-ounce glass -  that's a full gallon.  (BTW – the average human can hold about 32 ounces of liquid in his/her stomach comfortably.)  And the best part is - he got it for free.  He's a gold member of the Starbucks rewards program, which means he gets a free drink after he buys 12.  The previous record was set last February by a guy in Washington who got a mocha frappuccino with 48 espresso shots, plus bananas, syrups, chocolate chips, protein powder, and more.  His total "only" came out to $47.30. 


Tornado's coming!  Do you...?

a)  Run

b)  Hide

c)  Pull out your cell phone and start videotaping

If you guessed "c," then you'd be right!  




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