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Tuesday Recap!

Ah,  Donald Sterling.  Still keepin' it in the news.  If you missed his interview with Anderson Cooper last night because you were watching the Bruins not show up for Game 6, here it is:


The big Black Mass that was supposed to happen last night in Cambridge didn't happen after all.  A group of worshippers gathered for drinks at the Hong Kong instead.  (Um, I'm pretty sure WORSE things than a Satanic Black Mass have happened at the Hong Kong, but I digress...)  Everyone protested their little socks off, saying it was outrageous that these people were allowed to be so sacreligious.  Then everyone else lost their minds thinking we were bashing the Catholics this morning.  Which, btw, we were not.  Here's a piece about this by analyst Mark Dice:


The children of legendary DJ Casey Kasem don't know where he is . . . and they got a judge to order an investigation into his whereabouts.  Casey is 82 years old and suffering from advanced Parkinson's disease.  He can no longer speak, and his current wife Jean has been moving him to various facilities and keeping his children from seeing him.  Yesterday, Casey's daughter Kerri was appointed her father's temporary caretaker . . . but Jean's attorney told the court he didn't know where Casey was.  He said Casey had been removed from the country . . . but an attorney for Kerri says the kids believe he's on an Indian reservation in Washington state.


So, teachers, here's a heads up - if you're going to have an affair with one of your students, don't do anything to draw attention to yourselves.  Like having sex on the lawn at school (didn't happen)... or giving an "A" to a kid who flunked every exam (did happen.)  Now you're going to prison.  Womp womp.  (Photo:  Kelleyville Police Department)


Hipsters ruin EVERYTHING.  In 1999, kids in their 20s drank generic vodka out of plastic bottles . . . and they loved it.  Today, they just have to have a 'mixologist' make them a fancy Manhattan, so they can post it on Instagram.  Apparently we could be looking at a worldwide whiskey shortage . . . because whiskey keeps getting more and more popular.  Bourbon sales are up 5% every year, and the best brands are up 20%.  And sales of Scotch are probably close to the same.  And since good whiskey needs to AGE, there may not be enough supply to meet the demand . . . which could lead to a shortage and SUPER high prices.



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Oh UND students, don't you know you can't riff on anything to do with Native Americans?

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Game 7 tomorrow night for the B's means that all the bandwagoners are out in force... and Staxx was no exception!