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Tuesday Recap!

DCF Commissioner Olga Roche was called upon by House Speaker Robert DeLeo yesterday to resign from her post.  (Which she had tried to do previously, but the Gov. refused the resignation.)  We learned in the 9 o'clock hour that she HAD, in fact, resigned effective this morning.  But earlier, we posed the question asking whether or not she SHOULD resign.  These comments show how people are divided on the issue.  


Chuck wins, however, with the self-correcting prophecy:


This poor equipment guy.  Think someone could have clued him in on the plan ahead of time?  Before last night's playoff game against Charlotte, the Miami Heat made a statement by leaving their T-shirts in the middle of the court during warm-ups and wearing their jerseys inside out too.  Nobody told their equipment guy, though, and he went around picking them up before someone told him to put them back. 


Speaking of sports, Gronk joined us to chat about what he's up to these days.  Don't expect any epic revelations.  It's just Gronk.  They are all trained.  Next.  


We inducted this man into the Mantown Hall of Fame for running a beer mile in 4:57!


Marathon survivors Paul Norden and Jacqui Webb (we couldn't get JP to wake up this early) joined us in the 8 o'clock hour to talk about the new book, "TWICE AS STRONG!"


Paul Simon and his wife, Edie Brickell, were arrested Saturday after some kind of domestic dispute . . . but they held hands in court yesterday, and said that they're cool.  Someone in the home had called 911 . . . but hung up before saying anything.  When officers responded, they observed minor injuries.  Paul and Edie were charged with disorderly conduct.  A police spokesperson said, quote, "There was aggressiveness on both sides.  They're both victims and they have children involved and we're trying to be very cautious of that."  Paul told the judge that they'd had a rare argument.  An attorney for the couple claimed it was no big deal, there was just a, quote, "slight shove."  Edie said, quote, "I got my feelings hurt and picked a fight with my husband.  The police called it disorderly.  Thank God it's orderly now."  Both of them said the other was not a threat, and that no protective order was needed.  Paul and Edie have been married for nearly 22 years.  They have three kids together.  Paul is 72, and Edie is 48. 


We did not get to this story because we ran out of time, but it's so good that I had to throw it in here.  Judy Rodrigo lives in a condo in West Palm Beach, Florida.  And back in 2008, the woman living above her died from old age.  But she was living alone with just her dogs and didn't have any family . . . so no one knew she'd died.  Eventually gases built up inside her body . . . and eventually she exploded.  The smell from the spraying fluids and organs finally got her neighbors' attention, they called maintenance, and maintenance found the remains of the woman's body.  As for Judy . . . when the woman upstairs exploded, her FLUIDS started leaking down into Judy's apartment.  Judy ended up having to pay for significant renovations on her ceiling and walls to fix them, and to get the smell out.  She said it should've been covered by State Farm, which handles insurance for the condos.  But they said they wouldn't cover it.  So Judy ended up suing them, and the case has been working through the courts ever since.  Well, a ruling is finally in.  And it turns out Judy's State Farm policy does NOT cover damage from exploding corpses.  So she's on the hook for the money herself.  There's no word exactly how much money that was. 


Other things we discussed:

An American pilot claims to have found the missing Malaysia Airlines plane using satellite images on

A Kindergarten on Long Island has cancelled their annual show because kids need their college prep.  No, really. 

Homeless guy pees in a cup and drinks it at The Old Country Buffet.  Mmmmmmm.  Pee.  



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