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Tuesday Recap!

We had a great time broadcasting from the Boston Marathon yesterday.  We sent Rob out to interview some of the diehards for a special marathon edition of "Captain Bandwagon."  Obviously, Lupita Nyong'o was a favorite to win in the men's category this year...


A dating website (for Russian brides, but we will ignore that part for now) commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct a poll to find out which cars women are most attracted to... and the answer might surprise you.  More on the story here.  


Thousands of kids are about to sit through graduation ceremonies, and hear how they'll be world leaders someday.  But until that day . . . we can't trust them to go 15 minutes without taking a selfie.  Bryant University in Rhode Island just announced they're banning students from taking selfies during graduation next month.  The school is afraid that if all 850 or so graduates take a selfie when they're accepting their diplomas, it'll make the ceremony last forever.  The students are still allowed to take photos during the ceremony, just not on stage.


UNICEF has put out a PSA in India encouraging kids to use the bathroom.  (Statistics show that only half the population there uses toilets... and that is a real problem!)  Check out their new mascot, Mr. Poo!  (No word if there's a copyright infringement or likeness rights lawsuit in the works by Matt Stone and Trey Parker.)  


Two ways in which the annual Easter egg hunt was ruined for some folks:

There's now a family in New Jersey that'll be too traumatized to hunt for Easter eggs ever again.  A family in Washington Township, New Jersey was doing an Easter egg hunt in their backyard on Sunday, when a skydiver came falling out of the sky.  Turns out a 49-year-old named Arkady Shenker of Brooklyn, New York was skydiving that day . . . his parachute didn't open . . . and he crashed right into the Easter egg hunt.  The family rushed over to help him, but he died about an hour-and-a-half later in the hospital.  Arkady was an experienced skydiver . . . he'd done more than 350 jumps, and obviously his parachute had opened during all of them.  The FAA is investigating what went wrong this time. 

 I don't think anyone needed MORE proof that white supremacists are idiots . . . but ruining Easter for kids is a nice new reminder.  Apparently, some white supremacists in Richmond, Virginia printed out racist messages, put them in Easter eggs . . . then hid them among some other eggs at an Easter egg hunt for kids.  Parents figured it out when their kids found eggs that had messages inside like, quote, "Diversity equals white genocide" and "Mass immigration and forced assimilation of non-whites into our lands is genocide."  The guy behind the plan was Kyle Hunt.  He organized a white supremacist rally last month called the White Man's March.  They were aiming for a million people to show up, and they ended up having 10.  Not 10 million.  Ten total.  But the police are investigating who specifically put the eggs out for the kids. 


Some other things you may have missed:

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