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Tuesday Recap!

Kirstie Alley has been accused of being a fat bully.  Wait... what?


Here's her new commercial for Jenny Craig.  She's going back!  


People are pissed that she used the term "circus fat."  She went on the TODAY show to explain to Matt Lauer what that meant:


This guy broke into a couple's boat and ate some birthday cake... amongst some other things.  (Photo:  Boston Police Dept.)


And since you want more awesomeness... here's a video that has surfaced (from when, we don't know) of a nearly naked chick losing her mind at a McDonald's in... wait for it... FLORIDA.


Also on today's show:

Christmas returns to Norwood

Smart Car tipping is a thing now.

Greg is pretty happy to hear that kale and quinoa are bad for you.