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Tuesday Recap!

Here's the update:

Some experts think that the Malaysian Airlines plane may have flown as low as 5,000 feet to avoid showing up on a radar screen.  One avation expert thinks that the plane may have even followed a Singapore Airlines 777 so closely that it wouldn't even show up on a radar as a separate blip.  BTW, Courtney Love has found the plane, in case you're interested.  It's in the water.  See?  


Earthquake in LA yesterday morning... anchors react live on air:


On Sunday, a 20-year-old from Fort Mill, South Carolina was eating at a Taco Bell with a friend, and he belched loudly.  A stranger in another booth walked over and asked if he'd burped without saying, "Excuse me."  And when the 20-year-old admitted he had, the guy picked up a chair and whacked him with it.  A Taco Bell employee broke it up and got the guy to leave.  The 20-year-old was scraped up but not badly injured.  Police are still looking for the guy who hit him with the chair. 


"Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham has a new single out.  And it's awful.  Torture yourself:


We finally heard from our pal Julian Edelman after he was locked down as a New England Patriot once again.  


The kid from Two and a Half Men is a preacher now.  And he says he's a hypocrite.  Thanks for all that money, Chuck Lorre.  Screw you.



A few other items we discussed:

The Pope cancelled a meeting with Russell Crowe to bless the new film "Noah"

7-Eleven worker can keep her job after giving free coffee to homeless man

WPI.  Because college.  



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