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Tuesday Recap!

Somehow, this doesn't seem the least bit surprising.  That film of an alleged three-way between Jack and Bobby Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe won't be going public after all.  It was supposedly going to be auctioned off to settle a debt owed by its owner.  But the word now is that the owner was able to pay that debt, so he's getting the movie back.  From what we'd heard, this guy acquired the film in the '80s, but he's kept it hidden out of respect for Marilyn's ex-husband Joe Dimaggio, who was a friend of his.  We still have no idea if this tape actually exists.


Let's talk about these two, shall we?


Charlene Ellet was detained at her local Texas Walmart for shoplifting.  Her brother (same mom, different dad), Cameron Beck, came to pick her up.  When they searched his car, they found some paraphernalia that tested positive for meth, so they booked the two of them into jail.  A guard caught the two of them kissing through the bars, and questioned them about what was going on.  Turns out the two of them had been sleeping together ever since Cam got out of prison in November.  The best part?  This loser broad has twin daughters that sleep in the same motel room bed as these two creepoids, and the couple gets it on with the kids in the room.  The little girls are now with a family member and these two gems are hanging out behind bars waiting for their trial date.  If you can't keep it in your pants...


Here's a lesson... if you think you're going to fool the fuzz by taping what "appears" to be an inspection sticker in the corner of your windshield, you probably should be careful not to commit any traffic violations.  

Case in point:  51-year-old Kevin Guy cut out a short rib recipe with a red stripe at the top, evidently thinking this would pass as a sticker.  Not so much.  He was pulled over after cruising past an officer with his high beams on.  The best part?  This is the SECOND time in TWO WEEKS that he's done this.  The first time, he taped up an Iron Man decal thinking that would suffice.  At least the guy's committed.  


NERDS IN THE NEWS!  Murderous estranged husband?  Check.  Flower pot?  Check.  Replica "Legend of Zelda" sword?  CHECK.


So... real ad.  Real situation?  Who knows.  One thing is for sure (well, two):

Here's a Shara Cormier in Texas.

Here's a Patrick Brown from her friends list.  

You be the judge. 


Also on today's show:

If you have a weird first name, you're probably a Democrat.  Noiram, FTW.  

But Daddy, I don't want to get a job.  

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