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Tuesday Recap!

We discussed a couple of automotive-related stories with our pal Ernie Boch Jr. this morning.  The first one was about Hyundai developing a fuel-cell capable of running on treated sewage.  Basically, it's a poop car.  We also discussed the Hennessey Venom GT becoming the fastest car in the world.  Kinda.  They really ran out of room to do the speed trial, so it can't claim a record.  Check out our chat with Ernie, and take a peek at these stories in more detail:

Hennessey Venom GT is world's fastest car at 270.49 mph 

Sewage-Derived Fuel Powers Hyundai California Green Dream


The First Lady is celebrating the fourth anniversary of her "Let's Move!" campaign.  So naturally, the thing to do would be to host a focus group with kids and... Will Ferrell.  


A grandmother in Richmond Virginia is upset after getting a receipt at the local Burger King that identified the customers as "bitch ass hoes."  Now, I'm automatically skeptical of ANY receipt with something sketchy on it these days.  And I'm not sure that Burger King's POS system allows for custom data entry in that field, but I could certainly be wrong.  Either way, it's fishy to me.  Check out the story and let me know your thoughts.  

You want Valentine's Day lunch at Applebee's baby?  Oh yeah, no problem.  Come with me.  What?  My debit card won't work?  That's ok... can you change a trillion?

 Man tries to pay at Applebee’s with 1 trillion dollar bill.



Finally, remember Julie Tremmel?  She's a reporter at WJAR-TV in Providence.  She's been fired for doing a handstand on air during a segment about America's Got Talent auditions.  She and her union are fighting the dismissal, but this is a great opportunity to bring back the "how to survive a bear attack" segment she did a while back.  Roar.  


We also covered the following:  

Bible stops two bullets to save Ohio man. 

Gay in Uganda?  That'll get you life in prison, son.  

Tinder for threesomes.  In case you're too lazy to solicit at a bar.