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Tuesday Recap!

Another four-day work week for LB.  Nice life, eh?


We got a crappy start to the show this morning, but only because Greg had the stomach flu all weekend.  (See what I did there?)  He told us how Mrs. Hill basically beaned him off the head with a can of Lysol and left him to fend for himself.  Happy Valentine's Day, indeed.  No ring for me, but I had told you all that wasn't going to be the case, so you can quit texting.  


First up, we discussed the assault on the 60-year-old plow driver in Lakeville.  Doug Haskell was reportedly upset that the guy was plowing at a certain time, and there were some questions about whether or not the guy was dumping snow in Doug's yard.  A verbal altercation turned physical, and Doug is alleged to have hit the plow guy in the face with a shovel, leaving quite the gash.  Neighbors say that the street is narrow, so it makes it difficult for them to find a lot of places to put the snow once we get in the thick of winter.  Read more about it here.  


We had two great Fun With 911 stories this morning:

1.  Last week, a woman in Oregon couldn't get her jacket off, so her husband called 911.  We only got to play a clip of the call this morning but I beg you - if you do nothing else today, listen to the whole call.  

2.  On Thursday, a 58-year-old woman from Chesnee, South Carolina called 911 to report her 72-year-old husband.  He wasn't exactly encouraging her to commit a crime . . . but he was definitely encouraging her to do something not kosher.  According to the woman, she and her husband had been having sex problems.  Instead of going to counseling, he proposed another solution.  He suggested that his WIFE get-it-on with his SISTERS.  So his wife called 911, but hung up quickly.  A deputy went out to the house where the woman explained the situation . . . told him she's, quote, "not like that" . . . and said she wanted to ban her sisters-in-law from the house to make sure they don't put the moves on her.  The deputy said he couldn't really do anything, but did explain trespassing laws to her for future reference. 


Former Senator Scott Brown joined us just before Hill-mail to talk about playing onstage with Cheap Trick at the Lynn Auditorium over the weekend.  We asked about a possible run for Senate in NH and he did not rule that out.  Some texters were thrilled, some were not.   Yay, politics.  Either way, here’s his performance:  


Speaking of performances, Parents are complaining after seeing the first leg of Miley’s “Bangerz” tour in Vancouver.  She had previously stated it would contain “art,” but she failed to tease the simulated oral she would be giving to a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask.  Fancy.  Check it out here: 



Barbara Walters has a sex toy, and it has a name.  And that's all I'll say about that.  *shiver*


Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura calls us during the 9 o'clock hour to talk about his new show, "Off The Grid."  You can find it at  I'll link the podcast here as soon as it's available.  


Also on today's show:

Rich broads prefer conservative men.  

If you're still holding onto any VHS rental tapes, you should probably return them.  

And what's a good Valentine's Day newscast without a mention of titties?