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Tuesday Recap!


I'm sorry.  I should have warned you ahead of time.


That's how LB showed up this morning to work.  You see, he wore his "BRO"ga pants today in support of the gals up in Rockport who've been told that they cannot wear yoga pants to school.  Administrators at the high and middle schools have since decided that they will reconsider the ban, but LB feels that it's a small victory for him.  Well... the victory is small.  Not the other thing.  At least that is what he would have you believe.


Massive snow on the way to Georgia again... a whopping 1-3'.  However, as I, and many astute texters have pointed out before, they just don't have the equipment to deal with actual SNOW, so it's probably better that they have decided to shut the whole damn state down.  Well, at least Hot-lanta.  Schools are closed today and tomorrow, and a state of emergency has been declared already in 45 areas.  Huzzah!  


We inducted the makers of the Team Canada beer fridge into the Mantown Hall of Fame.  This little baby is one of the few things in Sochi that works properly.  Canadian athletes need only to scan their passports and voila!  The beer fridge opens, giving them access to cold, delicious suds.  



KTLA's Sam Rubin was interviewing actor Samuel L. Jackson and confused him with actor Lawrence Fishburne.  Hilarity ensues:


One restaurant owner in Oklahoma is pretty open about the fact that he doesn't want gays in his restaurant.  Or people on welfare.  Or minorities.  Or... pretty much anyone anymore.  Gary James is under fire from the internet as a whole, with a handful of people stepping up to defend him.  Check out his interview here.  (Side note: the anchor introducing the story sounds like my stuffed up fake newsie voice.  At least according to me...)  


His Yelp reviews have increased by leaps and bounds, but it's only because the world decided to take revenge on a bigot.  


Townie Throwdown was Westborough vs. Southborough today.  Most listeners felt this was the worst one ever.  You be the judge.  


Some other nuggets we discussed:

Dennis Rodman is a party pooper.  LITERALLY.  

You never want to cluster eff when you're a suicide bombing instructor.  Tsk tsk. 

Porn star Ava Devine wants the Cavs to win so badly, she'll do the whole team if they make the playoffs.  I don't know if that's really an incentive...