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Tuesday Recap!

We're one day closer to LB's return.  At least, that is what Management would have you think.


The big guy is still out in California having his noggin tested.  Here's what he (and you, if you didn't catch the show this morning) missed:


The portal to hell can be found in Gary, IN.  Who knew?  Law enforcement and child welfare officials started checking on this family after the kids started missing a lot of school.  Mom claimed that the house in which they lived was possessed.  Naturally, everyone was like, "right, ok, sure thing, it's possessed."  Then the cops and the local priest went to check it out.  They did some recordings while they were in the house, and while no one heard anything out of the ordinary while they were in the house, a distinct "hey" can be heard from a phantom voice when the tapes were played back.  Maybe it was a hoax... maybe it was EVP.  Lots of crazy stuff happened in the house.  I'd tell you about it but it's already giving me nightmares and I'm still awake, so you can read all about it yourself.  F that noise.  


After the Grammys, Macklemore reached out to Kendrick Lamar for robbing him of an award.  Well... not literally... Macklemore told a NY radio station that he felt he had an unfair advantage due to race.  Do you think that's true?  Read more about his interview here.


Today's Townie Throwdown was a battle of the Bridgewaters


Hotels.com came up with the top three co-worker habits that annoy you, so we compiled our own list!


Here is some more goodness that we covered today:

You can't swing a dead cat without catching a guy masturbating in the McDonald's parking lot in Florida.  

The President's State of the Union speech is tonight.  Carlos Arredondo and Jeff Bauman will be in attendance.  

If you're not someone who reviews his/her credit card statement every month, you should start doing it to avoid this scam.


We'll chat with you bright and early tomorrow morning!!