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Tuesday 8-5-14 Recap!

It's nice when you're having a going away party and a good amount of friends show up.  It's even better when 2,000 people you don't know show up.


We spoke with Dean, the franchise owner of an Arby's in Richmond, Va. who put THIS very comical Bill Belichick sign up in the parking lot at his restaurant.  The guy claims he was a big Bruins fan as a kid, so we had to give him a pass.  Check it out below, and read more here.


Vanilla Ice doesn't think the rap "Shell Shocked" in the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie stacks up against his 90's hit, "Go Ninja, Go NInja, GO!"  Check 'em both out and see what you think:


Also on today's show:

Lindsay Lohan wants to write a tell-all and name all the people she's smashed.

Golf course rage in PA.  Can't mess with the rules, man.

Forced circumcisions in Kenya.  Think about that next time you want to move out of 'Merica.


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Tomorrow morning, we go inside the warped female brain at 7:20!


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