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Tuesday 8-26-14 Recap!

Have you seen the State Police helicopter video of the shark in Duxbury?


How about this gem that LB found of the Chinese boy that was run over?


Reclining your seat on a plane might be a little selfish . . . but taking away someone ELSE'S ability to recline their seat isn't cool either.  There's a little device called the Knee Defender that's been on the market for at least a decade that lets you do just that.  It costs $22, clips onto the legs of the tray table on the seat in front of you . . . and somehow blocks the seat from reclining.  Well . . . a 48-year-old guy on a United flight from Newark to Denver had the Knee Defender, and he was using it to block the 48-year-old woman in front of him from reclining her seat.  She figured out what was going on, and asked a flight attendant to have him take the Knee Defender off.  The guy refused . . . so the woman stood up, turned around, and threw a cup of WATER on him.  The pilot diverted the flight to Chicago . . . where both of them were escorted off the plane.  The plane landed in Denver without the two of them about an hour and a half late.  No charges were filed, and even though the Knee Defender is RUDE, it IS technically legal under FAA rules . . . although all of the major airlines, including United, say they've banned it on their flights. 


For two decades, 66-year-old Walter Misco of Chester, New Hampshire has been going to Vegas with his wife Linda every three or four months.  But I guarantee their LATEST trip was their best yet.  Back in February, Walter read an article about a slot machine at the MGM Grand that's infamous for being the most stubborn machine in Vegas . . . because it hadn't hit a jackpot in 20 YEARS.  And Linda told him he HAD to try it.  So just before midnight this past Friday . . . which was their last night in town . . . Walter put $100 in, and started placing $3 max bets.  And within five minutes, he hit the jackpot for 2.4 MILLION BUCKS.  Before this, Walter's biggest take during a trip to Vegas was around $8,000 playing video poker.  He and Linda say they're going to use the money to put all of their grandchildren through college. 


Is there anything the Ice Bucket Challenge CAN'T do?  It continued its run as a force for good by transitioning into a new role this weekend . . . FIGHTING CRIME.  20-year-old Jesean Morris of Omaha, Nebraska is a convicted felon who shot and injured two men a few years ago.  He's out of prison now, but violated his parole and had a warrant out for his arrest.  But last week, someone challenged Jesean to take the Ice Bucket Challenge . . . so he took a video dumping ice on his head, then posted it on Facebook.  Someone spotted the video, recognized the house . . . and tipped off the police.  They headed out to the house where Jesean shot the video on Friday, and saw him driving away.  They pulled over the car and arrested him . . . after he spat on one cop and damaged the cop car.  He's been charged with a parole violation, assaulting an officer with bodily fluid, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, and criminal impersonation.  And since he seems like an all-around bad person, we're guessing he's one of those people who dumped the ice on his head to avoid donating money to fight ALS.


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