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Tuesday 7-8-14 Recap!

Is this Nation of Pussies?  This Yankee fan is SUING ESPN for making fun of him for falling asleep during a Yankees game... to the tune of $10 million.  We think this won't even go before a judge... they will settle out of court for something in the neighborhood of $1 mil.  Watch.  


Another family has had to call 911 because they were trapped in a room by their crazy cat.  I'm no expert (yes I am) but I think they might have a legit argument here.  Follow the link to catch the Fox Orlando report, and to hear the 911 call.  


How do you forget you left your dog in the car... FOR 13 FREAKING HOURS?  This woman did...


In case you missed it, here's Adult Toy Price Is Right:


If a sketchy looking county fair worker approaches your teenage daughter asking her to get into porn... run.