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Tuesday 6-3-14 Recap!

No doubt you've heard the phrase "blondes have more fun."  You're probably also familiar with the term "dumb blonde."  Well, scientists have determined this word pair isn't necessarily correct.  Being blonde is attributable to a mere switch of a letter in your DNA, and has NO impact on whether or not you're smart.  Read more here.


Are you between the ages of 18 and 34?  If so, there's a 30% chance you're living at home with your parents.  Is it the economy?  Is it laziness?  Either way, they want you out.  


Did you miss our new game, Adult Toy Price Is Right?  Have no fear!  It's right here!


Family swarmed by bees in Beeville.  We couldn't make this up.  This family HAD to have seen this coming, right?  The Cantu family lives in Beeville, Texas . . . which is in Bee County, Texas.  And they were just attacked . . . by BEES.  Richard Cantu was clearing some brush on a tractor behind his welding business with his son and his grandson when suddenly, a massive SWARM of bees attacked.  They tried to fight them off, but there were just too many.  It took 15 firefighters and nine cops to finally get the bees off them.  Greg Baron is the police sergeant of Beeville . . . he says, quote, "This is the largest bee swarm I have ever seen, with the most injuries."  All three of the Cantus took a TON of bee stings, but they're all going to be okay . . . even Richard, who's ALLERGIC to bees.  By the way, Beeville is NOT named Beeville because of bees.  It's named after Barnard E. Bee, who was the Secretary of State for the Republic of Texas in the 1830s. 


Also on today's show:

A man in China suffered a detached retina after texting his girlfriend in the dark.

Two 12-year-old girls nearly stabbed a friend to death... all because of SLENDER MAN!

Insurance job?  Or did the dog really drive into the pond?  Or was it an insurance job?  No, really... 


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