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Tuesday 6-17-14 Recap!

Top priority today is to hear what Shawn Thornton had to say about NOT being re-signed by the Bruins:

We'll miss you buddy, and wish you well.  Just don't go play for the enemy...


Tough to touch this one because it's such a controversial topic.  (Shouldn't be... but it is.)  A mother in CT ran into trouble with a local restaurant manager after she was breastfeeding her 8-week-old baby at the table.  Watch the story here...

And, if you dare, check out the discussion on Facebook.  (You might want to take an aspirin ahead of time!)  


Did Miss USA move to Nevada to capture the Miss Nevada title only because there weren't a ton of hot women there?  No, right?  Couldn't be... 


Also on today's show:

An expose on The Villages in Florida... black market Viagra?  WHY, NO?

One Missouri teen is in trouble for filming some of his fellow students in a sex act.


Finally...  I'm sad to report that no matter how beautiful your man-body is, and no matter how spectacular you are in bed . . . you can never compete with a pair of ridiculously expensive high heels.  A new survey found that one in five women say they get more TURNED ON by a new pair of shoes than by their significant other.  And there's more . . .  Half of women lie to their significant other about how much they spend on shoes.  Almost half of women judge people based on their shoes . . . and the majority of that judging is NEGATIVE, not positive.  And 82% of women have bought a knockoff pair of shoes or purse. 



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