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Thursday Recap!

Big game tonight in Montreal.  Boston Bruins' enforcer Shawn Thornton joined us during the 9 o'clock hour to talk play off hockey.  Find out what it's like to play at The Bell Centre, and if the crowd noise is any distraction.


Is picking up chicks in traffic weird or totally normal?  We got some feedback.  I had a general theory that it works... if you're good looking.  Many women agreed.  LB, of course, had to fight me on it.


Cearra Swetman lives in Fort Myers, Florida.  And a year ago, she was up to about 250 pounds.  But one night she was out having dinner with her family, when some drunk idiot at the bar noticed the Hooters t-shirt she had on.  And he decided to tell her that she didn't look like any Hooters girl he'd ever seen.  But instead of smashing a bottle over his head and kicking him in the groin like he deserved, Cearra decided to use the guy's comment as inspiration.  She started working out . . . lost 128 pounds over the past year . . . and now she actually IS a Hooters waitress in Fort Myers.  Cearra says it wasn't easy, but the idea of becoming a Hooters waitress and proving the guy wrong kept her going.  She has slightly bigger aspirations though.  Because while she's working at Hooters, she's also getting her master's degree in business. 


There's an old joke about a guy ordering a pizza, and the pizza place asks, "Should we cut it into eight slices or 12?"  He says, "Cut it into 12, I'm hungry."  And now Subway is using that as an actual business strategy.  Fred DeLuca is the co-founder of Subway.  And he just announced they're planning to start slicing their meat THINNER.  That way, when you order a footlong, you get 12 slices of thinner meat instead of eight slices of thicker meat.  It's the exact same amount of meat . . . only in their tests, people prefer the 12 slices to eight slices.  DeLuca says, quote, "For some reason, it looks better.  It looks like more meat."  Subway is going to roll out the new thin meat plan slowly, so it could be about a year before you're getting thinner meat at the 17,000 Subway locations in town. 


Having sex in the bedroom is boring . . . and you're not boring.  Instead, why not leave a bunch of love stains in the room where you and your loving family innocently eat breakfast?  A new survey had people rate the best places in the house to have sex . . . and the kitchen came in first.  I guess that does make it easier to have a snack like some delicious pie as a reward for fine sexual performance.  Here are the top five best places in the house to have sex . . .

1.  Kitchen.

2.  Bedroom.

3.  Living room.

4.  Bathroom.

5.  Dining room. 


This is one way to end your time in high school with a bang.  A foul, nasty bang.  An 18-year-old senior at Stephen Decatur High School in Worcester County, Maryland was arrested on Monday . . . for repeatedly mailing poop to his vice principal.  The vice principal got a package with cow and dog poop inside on April 30th, and called the cops.  They told the local post office to be on the lookout for suspicious packages addressed to him.  Two days later, the kid tried to mail two more packages of poop . . . but the postal inspector was paying surprisingly close attention and wrote down the kid's license plate.  The cops tracked him down on Monday.  He was arrested and charged with three counts of disturbing activities at school and three counts of molesting a school administrator.  Yes, you heard that right . . . that's what they call it.  The school also suspended him for 10 days.  He didn't give a reason why he was sending cow and dog poop to the vice principal. 


Also on today's show:

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One California high school is under fire for allowing a prom date draft to happen year after year. 

Nintendo won't let you marry a same sex avatar in Tomodachi Life.  Womp womp.