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Thursday Recap!

SO, what the hell is this thing?  Greg thinks it's a shadow person.  I don't.  They usually lurk in corners and disappear once they are noticed.  But it's gotta be SOMETHING, right??  It's not a real person, because no one could run that fast down an aisle of spectators.  It's not just a shadow, because it doesn't go in FRONT of people with light-colored clothing.  It's not the zip-line camera, because it appears to have running legs.  SO WHAT IS IT????  Comment below with your thoughts.  


Speaking of sporting-type controversies... what are your thougts on pinetargate?  Should Pineda have been ejected?  Is Farrell a hypocrite for pointing it out?  


There was a study earlier this week that found women aren't more attracted to men who drive expensive cars.  Sorry dudes, but here's more bad news if you drive a fancy car.  People have been joking for the past century that men with fancy cars were overcompensating for what they're lacking in the pants.  And now there's proof.  A new survey asked guys with luxury or sports cars to describe their package.  30% said they're above average . . . 63% said they were average . . . and 6% said their junk was smaller than average.  But the survey also asked women to describe the size of their guy's junk, if they were dating or married to a guy with a flashy car.  And the results were not the same.  Only 12% said the guy is above average . . . 46% said average . . . and 42 percent said the guy's package was smaller than average.  That means at least two out of five guys driving a fancy car are overcompensating.  The survey also asked women who are with guys with regular cars to describe the size of the guy's junk.  Only 23% of those guys were described as smaller than average. 


NERDS IN THE NEWS - 17-year-old Rafael Castillo of Long Beach, New York was playing the video game "Call of Duty" on Tuesday . . . and ended up beating a random stranger he was playing online.  And the guy he beat was so upset about losing, he got Rafael's IP address from the game . . . used it to track down his real address . . . then called the cops and reported a fake murder at his house.  He told the cops someone in the house had just killed his mother and brother.  So a few hours later, a full swat team descended on Rafael's house.  First they spent 20 minutes trying to get Rafael to come out . . . but he had his headphones on and was still playing video games, so he didn't hear any of it.  So more than 60 officers busted in with their weapons drawn.  Luckily they eventually figured out what had happened, and that it was all a hoax.  But the guy who called it in could really be anywhere in the world.  If they ever track him down, he could be facing charges for false reporting. 


We do love playoff hockey in the city of Boston... Shawn Thornton joined us for Thursdays with Thorty.  


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