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Thursday Recap!

What do these four gems have in common?  They beat their roommate and forcibly tattooed racist and sexual images on his body.  (Allegedly.)  Check out the details here.  (Photo credit:  Philadelphia Police Department.)


Greg is convinced this is a baby Chupacabra.  I think it's a fox with mange.  Watch this and decide what YOU think it is.  


Bill Clinton was on Jimmy Kimmel live last night... he pretty much said he saw no proof of aliens when he reviewed Area 51 documents during his presidency, but did not rule out their existence.  




Also on today's show:

Jennette McCurdy selfie scandal.  Nickelodeon, say it ain't so!  

A naked man in a cowboy hat broke into a home in Georgia

Nude Johnny Weir photos leaked.  *shudder*