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Thursday Recap!

No Thorty today... B's are on the road in Colorado tomorrow night so he was probably sleeping in.  We may hear from him tomorrow.


May as well get this gem out of the way... Stella Rafini is a 67-year-old grandmother who swears by using SEMEN on her face.  It's an anti-ager!  Would you use this beauty regimen?  One caller this morning swore by it, but said she only ever got to try it by accident.  GET IT.  Ew.  In ya face.


Do you hate your mother-in-law?  Would you sing to your spouse if she DIED?  Last month, a 42-year-old guy in England named Andrew Salmon was trying to mourn the death of his mother, but his 42-year-old wife Beverley wouldn't stop singing, "Ding Dong, the Witch Is Dead.”  So while Beverley was at work, Andrew packed up her clothes, left them outside, and locked her out of the house.  Then when she got home, he locked her in a shed in their backyard.  Eventually she got out through a window, and made it into the house.  Then she started throwing HIS clothes out of a window in their bedroom.  Which is when he retaliated - by throwing her down on the bed, ripping open her blouse, and twisting her boobs.  Eventually the cops showed up, and Andrew also admitted to punching her at least once.  He also claimed she's been having an affair.  He was arrested for assault and pleaded guilty, and told a judge he regrets how he handled the situation.  I’m sure… 


Turns out the manager at the McDonald's in Galway, Ireland is ACTUALLY a mother effer.  How do we know?  The woman's son showed up and tried to take the guy down with pepper spray.  But... not before taking out a glass door.  Thank God for cell phones.


We discussed the guy in Maine whose tattoo created a problem that the SWAT team had to deal with.  There was a tree company outside his house, and he went outside to yell at them for cutting branches.  He has a tattoo of a gun on his hip, so it looks like there's a gun in his pants.  The tree guys thought he was threatening them, so they called police.  Everything calmed down after, but I mused that this tat was kinda douchey.  So it led to a conversation about the douchiest tattoos you've ever seen.  Check that out here.  


Tiffany Austin was told (allegedly) by employees at her local Planet Fitness to cover herself up, because other members were intimidated by her physique.  That's rich... we only want to show off the out-of-shape people.  It's not even like she's ripped or has 3% bodyfat.  She's just in good shape.  I get that it's supposed to be a "judgement free zone," but what happens once you're in shape?  You go to another gym?  What gym behaviors drive you nuts?  Comment below.  And check out the podcast.  


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