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Thursday Recap!

Let's talk about Julie Ottaviani from Pennsylvania, shall we?  She is 54, and wanted to get back at her ex-husband's new girlfriend.  So she decided to hack into the hubs' email and see if there was anything fun hanging around.  There were TWO nude pics of the girlfriend.  So what does Julie do?  She sets up a fake Facebook profile and posts the pics, and then friend requests the girlfriend's 14-year old son.  Son accepts, son sees pics, son loses mind.  Police show up.  Julie charged with crimes.  It doesn't end there though... she wasn't too happy about being asked by reporters if she wanted to apologize:


Are you a parent?  If yes, there's a pretty good chance you've seen the movie "Frozen" before.  A few times.  Or one hundred.  Or more.  One pastor in Colorado thinks that it's putting all the lesbian feels and the bestiality feels into your kids.  Between the lonely female lead, and Sven and his reindeer... whole lotta corruptin' going on.  Check out more on the story, plus some sound from the pastor at this link.  


Anyone know Mike Naughton of Somerville?  He sounds like a fun dude to party with.  He broke into the Boston Police A-1 station around 2:30am on Tuesday.  He didn't mean to.  Clearly he just thought he was home.  Check out the BPD report here.  


Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee thinks the U.S. Constitution is 400 years old.  (It's not.)



Do you analyze everything you eat?  Like forkful by forkful?  I do.  I am an inspector.  It's tough to continue on when you find something unsavory in your meal.  Like a lizard head.  LIKE A LIZARD HEAD.  Excuse me ma'am?  I think there's something in here... 


Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg is trying to ban the word bossy.  She writes in an op-ed piece in the Washington Post:

"Most dictionary entries for "bossy" provide a sentence showing its proper use, and nearly all focus on women. Examples range from the Oxford Dictionaries' "bossy, meddling woman" to Urban Dictionary's "She is bossy, and probably has a pair down there to produce all the testosterone." Ngram shows that in 2008 (the most recent year available), the word appeared in books four times more often to refer to females than to males.

Behind the negative connotations lie deep-rooted stereotypes about gender. Boys are expected to be assertive, confident and opinionated, while girls should be kind, nurturing and compassionate. When a little boy takes charge in class or on the playground, nobody is surprised or offended. We expect him to lead. But when a little girl does the same, she is often criticized and disliked.

How are we supposed to level the playing field for girls and women if we discourage the very traits that get them there?"

Several celebs have signed on to help out her campaign against the b-word: 


Also on today's show:

NY man gets 2 DWI's in same day at same McDonald's.

Arthur Chu finally loses Jeopardy.  World rejoices.  Angels sing.

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