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Thursday Recap!

THURSDAYS WITH THORTY happened today... so if you missed it, we'll link the podcast interview with Shawn Thornton as soon as it's available.  


Upskirt photos.  Not right.  But not illegal.  A high court has decided that Michael Robertson did not commit a crime when taking upskirt photos of a woman on the MBTA in 2010.  The reason they came to this conclusion was because of the way in which the law was written.  There were five elements of the law that had to be satisfied in order to convict the guy, but one was not met.  Technically, the woman was not considered to be nude or partially nude, even though the upskirt image could be considered to be of a nude or partially nude *part* of her.  

Yeah.  I have nothing.  Let's just hope they get this statute rewritten as soon as humanly possible.  There are so many laws that need to be updated because of what technology allows us to do.  What is your opinion?  Comment below.


A tattoo artist in Brooklyn is under fire for tattooing his dog.  Yup, his dog.  This is ridiculous to me.  Tattoos, piercings... any of that stuff on animals is totally unnecessary.  I love these people throwing dermal punches in their dogs' ears.  Really?  Not dangerous at all.  Pff.  I can't even.  What is even more disturbing is that the guy claims that his vet allowed him to tattoo the dog while she was under after having her spleen removed.  Nice vet.  Good to know clients are just hanging around your treatment and surgery areas tattooing away.  I said it this morning... the only time I'll condone a tattoo on a dog is the tiny 3/4' teal line put on females to indicate they have been spayed.  Otherwise?  No.  Just, no.  Check out the story and pics here.  


Excuses LB Hasn't Used Yet - "Hey kid, I blacked out... do I still owe you $500k?"  A 52-year-old man named Mark Johnston was in Vegas and was issued a marker for a half million dollars.  Then he lost it.  Now, he's suing the casino (a relatively new one btw) saying that it's THEIR fault, arguing they should have shut him off from alcohol and never should have granted him that loan.  I say he gets off.  Dure


Ladies... imagine a machine that you could implant that would give you an orgasm at the touch of a button.  Now, imagine that machine hooking up to your NERVES in your SPINAL COLUMN.  Also, imagine a device the size of a pack of cigarettes under your buttocks being implanted.  NOW... WOULD YOU DO IT?  I say hell no.  But if you are someone who is orgasmically-challenged, it could be just the thing you need.  Personally, I think it takes the fun out of it.  You tell me... comment below.


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Russian TV used an actress pretending to be five different people?  No way.

Third graders are smoking weed.  Fantastic.



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