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Thursday Recap!

We talk all the time about how people hog the left lane on the highway and it drives you nuts.  Well, Georgia is looking to introduce legislation that would make it a crime to drive too slow in the left lane.  (We know that such legislation technically exists in Massachusetts… you are not to use the left lane except for passing… but it is not heavily enforced.)  Do you think this is a good move?  Would it help the flow of traffic?  Would you just be that guy/girl cruising along doing 95 flipping off everyone else in the middle lane?  Or would this legislation effectively do nothing?  Comment below with your thoughts.  Listen to our thoughts here.  


Everyone was soundly igged out about thisTrojan commercial which showed a dad getting dating advice from his daughter.  Oh... and a condom from his son.  Because protection.  


Here's the Florida sex with minors double shot we discussed today:

Woman, 35, had sex with 12-year-old boy 3 times

Teen Louisville football commit busted in underage cousin sex case


A great-grandfather in CT picked up the wrong kid from school and got the boy all the way home before realizing there was a problem.  Didn't anyone ever teach this kid about STRANGER DANGER?


Some security video has been released after Bieber's arrest.  We want you to watch only because he's a douche.  


Thank goodness the Olympics are over and we can get back to hockey.  B's host the Caps on Saturday.  Here's our Thursdays with Thorty podcast, in case you missed Shawn Thornton on the show earlier today.


Other things we discussed:

Paula Deen feels for Michael Sam.  *fist bump*

Big problems in Walpole.  Your kids are sexting all over the place.  

Got a trouser snake in your pants?  That'll get you banned for life, son.