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Thursday Recap!

NEWS FLASH!  Hot Pockets are going to make you poop yourself.  But... you already knew that, didn't you?  Nestle has had to recall a LOT of Hot Pockets because one of their suppliers had purchased diseased meat that was not inspected properly by the USDA.  Awesome.  Nothing better than diseased meat.  But really, those things are so processed, that it would shock me if anything harmful was even able to survive the transition from freezer to table.  


It's Thursday, which meant we spoke with Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins during Thursdays with Thorty.  Because of the Olympic break, we hadn't spoken with Thorty in a bit.  We talked hockey and he gave us the lowdown on his golf trip to the Dominican Republic.  Check Thorty out here if you missed him.  


LB has evidently been trying to get B's goaltender Tuukka Rask on all week, but all it took was a text from Thorty, and TUUUUUUUKKKKKAAAAA did a surprise check in with us from Sochi.  Hear what it was like to beat the Russians, if you missed it earlier.  


We spent a good deal of time chatting about a woman named Blondie Bennett.  She has had over $40k worth of breast augmentation surgeries and Barbie is her idol.  She's 38, looks 48, and has been getting lots of attention on the internet.  Her latest thing is that she's going to the therapist so that she can be hypnotized to be more vapid and confused.  Somehow, I managed to channel Blondie for an entire segment.  Best segment ever, worst segment ever.  You be the judge.  Here's her fantastic NSFW twitter.  


Tomorrow is Friday, which caps off a tough four-day workweek for the gang.  We'll be back at 5:30am!  Or, somewhere around there.