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Thursday Recap!

Ahh snow.  Everybody panic.  Are you over it yet?


It's been a tough morning for Greg.  A listener tipped us off yesterday that Mayor Walsh was going to be doing a regular segment on WBZ.  Then, last night, we discovered it was called... wait for it... Wednesdays with WALSH.  Poor Greg was waiting all morning for Marty to call him but, alas, no contact.  The Mayor did acknowledge on Dan Rea's show last night that Greg would probably be upset with him, so we can only assume this slight comes courtesy of Marty's people.  (Full disclosure... I'm a Nightside fan... but I never get to stay up late these days, so I cannot vouch for what was said.)  Poor Hill-dog... last time I saw him so dejected was when he ran out of Chicken in a Biscuit crackers.  


The tv show Friday Night Tykes debuted last month, and everyone was wondering if the coaches would face any repercussions for their comments and actions.  If you haven't seen the show, you missed the coaches giving 8 and 9 year old Texas football players a hard time on and off the field, forcing them to do work and verbally abusing them.  Lots of people figured they were probably just playing it up for the reality tv aspect of things, but it turns out two of the coaches have now been suspended for their actions.  Yay for aggressive school-age tactics.  :-/


These friggin' kids.  They have to try everything once.  A kid in Easthampton got his tongue stuck to a pole.  Frozen.  Had to be rescued by firefighters.  They will never learn.  It's a cinnamon challenge world... we're just living in it.  


The feministas on the interwebs have their collective panties in a bunch after seeing Air New Zealand's newest in-flight safety video.  If you're not familiar ANZ, they have used many different celebs in the past, and for this current video, they used a few Sports Illustrated swimsuit models.  Christie Brinkley also makes an appearance in the video.  Personally, I don't have a problem with it, but take a look and comment below if you agree with the critics that this is "sexist" and "objectifies women."  


A senior from North Attleboro high school was handed two three-hour detentions after adding a little commentary to a retweet from his school.  The Assistant Principal tweeted, "No school tomorrow - see you in June."  So Nick did a little RT and added the following: **** off #seniors #nomakeup #chirpchirp.  He got a call asking him to delete the tweet that night, which he did.  Now the ACLU has intervened on his behalf and asked that the school eliminate the detentions from Nick's record and apologize to him.  Their argument is that Nick's right to free speech is being violated.  So, does the school have the right to punish him based on this tweet?  Nick makes the point that it's his job to drive interaction between him and his followers.  (He has a successful channel on YouTube and has over 30k twitter followers.)  I hate to break it to those not in the know, but yeah... that's how it's done.  All he was doing was putting something out there that might generate a response.  What's your take on it?  Check Nick out on twitter and see what's going on.  


Also on today's show:

Could it be the end of parking space savers in the South End?

The head of a Dutch airline was arrested after peeing on Putin's fence.  Huzzah.

Finally... a smart move for DCF.