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Thursday Recap!

If the U.S. issues a travel warning... do you heed it?  Because the word on the street (not to be confused with Mike Hsu's Word on the Street) is that there is concern over new methods that terrorists may use to take down planes.  They are crafty and they adapt... now they are reportedly concealing explosive materials in toothpaste tubes and cosmetic cases.  If you were an Olympic athlete, would you be concerned about the threats?  


We now know who Justin Bieber's stripper pal is.  If you've seen the photo, he and his pal Khalil were latched onto her nips like newborn babies.  It has been revealed, via TMZ, that she is a 26-year-old gal from Chi-town who started peeling when she moved to Vegas.  Her name is Karolina, and you can see her here.  


Men, looks like you'll be spending an average of $176 this Valentine's Day to keep your woman happy.  A survey was done by that showed that most people wait until the absolute last minute to buy gifts - which may explain why they are shelling out so much money.  We also discussed a different survey, conducted by diamond retailer, that showed one-in-five women were unhappy with their proposal.  There were varying reasons given, but these were the top five:

1.  He didn't make the proposal "special."

2.  He didn't get down on one knee.

3.  He didn't get her parents' blessing beforehand.

4.  The ring didn't fit.

5.  He proposed WITHOUT a ring.



Jesse Ventura has gone off the grid because he feels he's being tracked by drones.  Watch the goodness for yourself:  


Actor Tom Sizemore is backpedaling after a video surfaced in January of him claiming that former President Bill Clinton once sent out for takeout in the form of Elizabeth Hurley.  Check out the video and his apology here.