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Thursday Recap!

Who bet that LB wasn't going to be here today?


Oh, wait... everyone except Greg?  DING DING DING!  If you guessed somehow he wasn't going to make it, you're right.  I'm not sure if anyone has heard from our buddy after his flight was bumped to a red eye back from LAX last night, but word is he will be joining us tomorrow.  Our buddy, State Senator Barry Feingold, called in to check on LB.  Barry is running for State Treasurer, if you weren't aware.


We chatted with Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins about his spectacular goal during Tuesday night's tilt against the Panthers at TD Garden.  Amazingly it made a Top 10 on ESPN.  Half the world was shocked they they showed hockey highlights.  (Ok, 75%.)  The game was great, and the boys are on a nice streak.  It was fun to hear the crowd lambasting Timmayyyyyyy Thomas from behind the glass.  Here's Thorty if you missed him.  By the way, former Bruin Chris "Knuckles" Nilan will join us in studio at 8am tomorrow.  Have you read his book?


Here are some of the other things we discussed today:  

If you're hanging onto some large truck nuts, you are more likely to be cheated on.  Says who?  Science.  That's who.  

Forget whisper videos... this South Korean woman makes $9k a month EATING ON A WEBCAM.  

These two dopes in Florida tried to escape the cops after a robbery.  In a canoe.  A CANOE, JERRY.


Coming up tomorrow:  Facts Schmacts at 7, Hill-mail at 7:50, and Chris Nilan in studio at 8!