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Thursday Recap!

We know... you're sick of hearing about the Biebs.


However... he was arrested early this morning on suspicion of drag racing and DUI.  And there was a little something happening about resisting arrest too.  Fantastic.  Kid is just absurd.  He and a man reported to be Khalil, a rapper, were racing their Lambos in Miami.  And then poor little Justin got picked up.  As LB would say, "Too bad, so sad!"


Here's the little douche nugget's mug shot:


Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins joined us today as he does every week for Thursdays with Thorty.  We talked about the boys having a little time off, and their upcoming games on the road.  Take a listen here if you missed it.  


Lenny Clarke graced us with his presence again this morning, and Greg asked him his thoughts on the story we covered this morning about Menino's wife's car being stolen.  Lenny is a long-time friend of the former mayor.  Conveniently enough, we were joined by the Mayor on the Air right in the middle of Lenny's visit!  What luck!  There was, as per usual, lots of buffoonery.  Shame on you if you missed it.  Lucky for you, it's a podcast.  


Also on the show this morning:

TWO stories that fit into the category "Crazier than Danielle."  One involving a shoe, and the other involving driving 500 miles to kill your boyfriend.

An opera singer is suing her doctor after a botched medical procedure gave her uncontrollable flatulence that left her unable to perform.  

Finally, sad news about a Boston news legend broke during the show... Chet Curtis passed away.


We'll be back tomorrow with Hill-mail and Title Fight, and we will go inside the warped female brain at 8:15.  Plus, Monday morning we will speak with Metallica's James Hetfield.