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Thursday 9-4-14 Recap!

Today's episode of WHAT WOULD DEACON DO?


If this survey is right, every man in the world should celebrate it by eating a giant chocolate cake for breakfast right now.  Because this just MIGHT be the best news in the history of the world. A new survey found THREE out of FOUR women say they prefer a guy with a BIG BELLY and love handles than a guy with six-pack abs.  So . . . um . . . why?  Here's what the survey found . . .

96% of women say they automatically assume a guy with a belly has a BETTER PERSONALITY than a guy with a great body.

91% say guys in perfect shape prioritize the gym over spending time together.

80% say guys with abs can't relax and have any fun . . . they're obsessed with what they eat, they won't share dessert, and after a night out they're only focused on going to the gym to work off what they did.

And 74% say that a guy with a great body makes them feel self-conscious about their OWN body.

The survey also found 82% of women say they never pressure their boyfriend or husband to lose weight or get in better shape . . . and only 6% say it bothers them if he puts on a few pounds.


This is such perfect, sweet justice . . . even though it's scary that crimes like this still happen. A woman was out jogging by herself on a trail in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on Tuesday afternoon, when 19-year-old Robert Flynn ran up behind her, grabbed her, and pulled her SHORTS down.  Then he took off running. But he didn't realize the woman he'd just attacked was a U.S. MARSHAL.  She started sprinting after him, and eventually cornered him on a staircase in an apartment building.  He lunged at her . . . and she kicked him in the groin and took him down with a punch to the face. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, indecent assault, escape, and giving a fake name to a law enforcement officer.  The cops also linked him to another incident where he lifted up a woman's skirt then ran off. 


If I'm ever gonna get stabbed in the head, I want THIS to be the reason why. Back on May 8th, a 36-year-old guy in San Antonio, Texas was LIVING THE DREAM . . . and having a THREESOME in his room with two women. But his roommate was home . . . 42-year-old Antonio Flores.  And Antonio thought they were being too LOUD.  Also, let's face it . . . he was probably upset that he wasn't invited to join in.  But we're just speculating. So Antonio grabbed a kitchen knife, KICKED down the door, and STABBED his roommate in the head, back, and arms.  The roommate was taken to the hospital but the stab wounds weren't life-threatening. Police finally arrested Antonio on Tuesday, so the whole story's just coming out.  He was charged with burglary with intent to commit felony force.