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Thursday 8-7-14 Recap!

Full trains can really be a nightmare.  You know this if you commute in and around Boston.  It gets REALLY hairy when you get your freaking LEG stuck between the train and the platform.  Lucky for this Australian man, his fellow people were there to lend a hand.  (This would never happen in Boston.  Everyone would just stand there on their phones avoiding eye contact.)


Lorie Ann Hill is (was) a new teacher in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  The kids went back to school today, but Monday was the first day back for the teachers.  Unfortunately, Lorie Ann showed up drunk AND pantsless for her first day on the new job.  You NEVER get a second chance to make a first impression!


A man in... wait for it... FLORIDA... called 911 to report the cop was taking too long to write his ticket.  Ahh... civilization.  See the news report AND hear the 911 call here.


A poster for the new Sin City movie has caused quite a controversy, and it's all because of a boob.  Parents have been complaining that this image is too lewd for their little preciouses to see.  (Uh, perhaps they should check the search history on all the gadgets their kids own.)  The actress in the poster, Eva Green, spoke with E! about all the fuss:

Eva Green Can't Believe Controversy Over Revealing Sin City 2 Poster: You Just See the Shape of Them! !function(a){var b="embedly-platform",c="script";if(!a.getElementById(b)){var d=a.createElement(c);,d.src=("https:"===document.location.protocol?"https":"http")+"://";var e=document.getElementsByTagName(c)[0];e.parentNode.insertBefore(d,e)}}(document);


Where are the best wings locally?  We attempted to answer that question today:


Also on today's show:

Florida (shocker) woman smokes crack while breastfeeding.

Kid acts like entitled asshole at The BK Lounge... man wrecks his day by buying ALL THE PIES!

If you missed the "mole on the boob" breakdown about Selena Gomez, here it is.