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Thursday 6-5-14 Recap!

Do you think it's possible, in 2014, that random people are taking minute-long videos of the President working out?  Even after the Secret Service has swept the whole hotel in Poland AND the gym?  Or is this a massive distraction from all the other crap going on?  See the photos here; and the video here:


It's gonna be tough for this woman to argue she wasn't driving drunk . . . but no one can question her devotion to being a party girl.  28-year-old Cathy Sanchez of Glyndon, Minnesota was driving her Buick LeSabre on Saturday around 2:00 A.M. when the cops pulled her over for swerving.  And the best sign that she was driving drunk and knows how to party?  They found three JELLO SHOTS in her pockets.   If that wasn't enough evidence she was driving drunk, her speech was slurred, her eyes were bloodshot, she smelled like booze, she failed a bunch of sobriety tests, AND she blew a .136 on the Breathalyzer.  She also tried to give the cops a fake name . . . but when they figured out who she was, they found she had three previous DWI convictions, and her license had been taken away because she was a danger to public safety.  She's facing up to 14 years in prison. 

(Photo:  Clay County Jail)


What's up with semis getting stuck on train tracks lately?  Here's a truck full of watermelon that gets blasted in Florida.


Also on today's show:

Sex toys and inappropriate jokes.  Nope.  Not a bachelorette party.  Not even a little.  

We inducted the creators of the eCool beer cooler into the Mantown Hall of Fame.

John Kerry wasn't napping.  Really. 


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