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Thursday 6-19-14 Recap!

Florida, not like the rest of us... a young boy - 4 years old to be specific - was found wandering around an apartment complex at 2:30 in the morning the other day.  Police were called to the scene, and when they arrived, they asked the boy where he lived.  He pointed to an apartment where police found mom passed out.  When the woke her up and told her what happened, she laughed.  MOTHER OF THE YEAR!  Here is mom and her bf:


I get claustrophobic spending 30 seconds in an airplane bathroom.  So this is my NIGHTMARE.  A 32-year-old guy got on a Cathay Pacific flight from Newark, New Jersey to Hong Kong early on Wednesday.  And right after the plane took off, he used the bathroom.  But somehow he managed to get his middle finger stuck in the GARBAGE can while he was throwing something away . . . and couldn't get UNstuck.  So he had to STAND . . . alone . . . in the bathroom . . . for more than 14 HOURS until they landed in Hong Kong.  Once they landed, firefighters were able to get him free.  And the guy didn't need any medical treatment.


UFC Hall of Famer Forrest Griffin was in studio with us this morning... check out what he had to say about conussions in sport here: 


You know how valuable "Star Wars" action figures can be.  I know how valuable "Star Wars" action figures can be.  But we're nerds, not international drug lords.  They don't know how valuable "Star Wars" action figures can be.  Carlos Palomares Maldonado of Mexico City owed about $3,000 to a drug gang.  But he didn't have the money.  He DID have a hell of a "Star Wars" action figure collection though . . . so he offered that as a payment.  34-year-old Pablo Rojas was collecting the debt, and his response to getting action figures instead of money was . . . to KILL Carlos.  And he's been hiding out ever since.  But immigration agents and U.S. Marshals caught him working at a hotel in Antioch, California earlier this year.  So he was deported to Mexico on Tuesday, where he's facing murder charges.


The NFL's Washington Redskins may be strong-armed into changing their name.  The U.S. Patent Office has canceled six federal trademarks that the team was granted between 1967 and 1990 . . . ruling that the term "Redskins" is "disparaging" to, quote, "a substantial composite" of American Indians.  Team officials said the Redskins will appeal the ruling, and that's something that could take YEARS to resolve.  In the meantime, they'll be able to continue holding the trademarks.  Even if the Redskins lose on appeal, the team can continue to use the name, as it has for more than 80 years.  But without federal trademark protection, others could potentially use the name and logos, to sell merchandise and stuff like that.  Last year, Redskins owner Daniel Snyder said he would "never" drop the team's name . . . but it doesn't sound like this issue is going away, and if the team DOES lose its trademarks, the NFL might FORCE them to make a change.  Obviously, they don't want a franchise whose name and image they can't control . . . and the team owners probably wouldn't want that, either.  We had a lengthy debate about this this morning... the podcast can be found here if you missed it.