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Thursday 6-12-14 Recap!

Men, would it igg you out to get back to a chick's place and see a bed full of stuffed animals?  There is a woman in England who is 29 and feels like her collection of 10,000 Hello Kitty items might prevent her from getting a man.  See the pics, and find out how much she has spent here.  


The guy that got attacked in CT on the beach by the woman who was angry he was flying a drone has spoken.  He also launched an Indiegogo campaign (that he has since cancelled) to raise funds to sue the woman who attacked him.  


She's back, y'all.  Paula Deen may have fallen from grace, but now she's better than ever.  At least, if you believe her.  Here's the promo for her NEW NETWORK!  I can't wait to see who all these new "friends" are...


Brittany Macintyre was recently picked up after allegedly offering to do a sex act for an undercover police officer in the Tewksbury Public Library on Tuesday.  The price?  $60.  The method of negotiation?  A hand-written note.  Here's Brittany's mug shot from this week (Tewksbury PD), along with a previous one (Nashua PD):


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