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Thursday 5-22-14 Recap!

Investigators reportedly want to speak with the tattoo artist(s) that did work on Aaron Hernandez in the months after he allegedly killed several men.  The focus of this investigation is the presence of newer stars in Aaron's right forearm tattoo.  Police want to know if there is any significance to them.  Read more here.


The FBI wants to hire hackers... but their longstanding policy of "no marijuana use in the last 15 years" has prevented them from finding qualified applicants.  They have relaxed the policy so that now the stipulation is 3 years... but they are still coming up short.  Womp womp.  


We had to go inside the warped female mind.   A listener named Louis wrote to us because his now ex-girlfriend dumped him after six months because he was too short.  We asked the ladies if they would ever date a man shorter than them.  There were certainly mixed responses.  And Chuck definitely called it here when bringing up "what" could make a difference:

Check out the podcast if you missed it!  And here's what the ladies had to say on Facebook.  This was my favorite comment... you have to get to the end:


Golfer Rory McIlroy called off his engagement to tennis pro Caroline Wozniacki... but not until AFTER the invites had gone out.  We had a lengthy discussion about whether or not this was ok.  Naturally, I felt he could have done it sooner... it's not like he didn't know he was going to end it.  LB, of course, took the "bros before hos" stance.  Check it out:


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