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Monday 5-19-14 Recap!

Did you watch the Billboard Music Awards last night?  Did you catch the Michael Jackson hologram performance?  What did you think of it?  A lot of people on the twitter were expressing their distaste about the performance, saying it was "tacky."  They felt that it was inappropriate to show him essentially lip-syncing to his own song.  One caller made the point that it was the same thing as hauling an impersonator out onstage, since it's not REALLY Michael.  On the other hand, a lot of people thought it was laser show (no pun intended.)  I'd link the performance here, but I have yet to find a link on YouTube that is not blocked or doesn't turn out to be some dope blogger giving his opinion on the show.  


LB was in rare form today... you should check out Inside The Simple Male Mind if you missed it:


There's a woman from Beaverton, Oregon who's only been identified as Suzie, and she's OUTRAGED at a local McDonald's.  Because when she was there last week with her kids, the song "I Wanna Sex You Up" by Color Me Badd came on.  They were in the play area, and when Suzie's daughter heard it, she asked her what "sex you up" means.  Suzie complained to the manager, but he told her he couldn't change the music; someone higher up makes the calls on what to play.  So Suzie turned to every American's best hope for justice:  The local news investigative team.  She called the local ABC station in Portland and asked them to do something.  They tracked down the owner of the McDonald's, and he said he's looking into how the song made it onto their playlist.

At this point, I'm gonna go ahead and flash back to junior high in 1991, when my clock radio was set to wake me up to the jumpin' sounds of JR in the Morning on WZOU.  You're welcome, 90's kids:


This is a COMPLETELY frivolous lawsuit, but it's still so incredibly ridiculous that we have to give it a quick shout-out.  Some guy named Anton Purisima in Manhattan is suing New York City for $2 trillion trillion trillion.  That's a two followed by 36 zeroes, and we're pretty sure that's more than all of the money in the entire world combined.  Why is Anton suing for so much?  Three reasons.  One, he says he was bitten by a rabid dog on a city bus . . . two, quote, "a Chinese couple" took photos of him without asking . . . and three, LaGuardia Airport overcharges for coffee. 



We discussed the controversy over the 9/11 Memorial Museum Gift Shop this morning.  What?  There's a gift shop?  Yeah, there is.  They sell mugs, t-shirts, books, DVDs, mouse pads, tote bags... you know, gift shoppy crap.  We asked what people thought of having the shop there.  Most people felt it is not necessary and that the items are probably all made in China anyway.  Some argued that if the revenue from the shop helped to keep the memorial open, then why not?  Others stated that there are gift shops at Pearl Harbor and Arlington National Cemetary.  Check out the article and let us know what you think by commenting below, or join our discussion on Facebook.


Finally, one dad is in trouble after throwing his 2-year-old daughter into the pool, headfirst.  Evidently, the little girl dropped a 5-week-old puppy in the pool and it drowned, so dad wanted to teach her a lesson about being around water.  Sounds reasonable.  How about WATCHING YOUR KID??  Unreal.  Here's some of the surveillance video if you haven't yet seen it.  Oh, btw, the other prisoners beat the BAG out of this guy.