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Monday Recap!

Well, B's won, so that made it a great weekend.  Unless you're a Habs fan.  In that case:

Thorty was fined for squirting water at PK Subban.  Everyone over here thought it was kinda comical, but the non-B's fans said we were all being homers and that if the situation was the other way around, we'd be pissed.  Whatever.  Either way, it was fantastic.  Best moment of that whole incident was when the cameras cut to Shawn and he stopped short on the grinning.  Love it.  


The moment you've all (not) been waiting for has arrived... Courtney Stodden has a reality show.  Just her.  


Alison Bologna (who used to work for Fox up here) is with the NBC affiliate in Providence, WJAR, and had a little verbal slip-up while reporting about an overturned fire truck. Whoops.  


Also on today's show:


Two Whittier Regional students were suspended after posting tweets that were deemed "racist"

Would you get a scalp tattoo if you were bald?

We found out who the virgin is.  And she's shy.  And from Utah.  Check out our last interview with her right before she reneged on her auction: 


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