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Monday Recap!

As you may know, I'm not a huge fan of the circus, but that's only because of the animals.  This brings it to a whole other level.  Over the weekend, the mechanism keeping the performers suspended during "The Human Chandelier" failed, causing 9 people to be injured.  The performers hang by their hair and do an act while in midair, but just as the act began, the whole thing collapses to the ground.  SCARY!  Hopefully everyone will recover quickly. 


In the 9 o'clock hour, we caught up with Elizabeth Raine, the 28-year-old med student auctioning off her virginity.  At the time of this posting, the bidding had reached $800,000.  We asked her what she thought would happen, and where it will take place... here's what she had to say:


We did a story about a soccer fan in Brazil who was KILLED after being hit by one of three toilets thrown from the stadium after the 1-1 draw between Santa Cruz and Parana.  That brought to mind THIS obscure reference:


Kate Upton is upset that you don't pay enough attention to her butt.  She was featured in a recent "Sports Illustrated" behind-the-scenes video from one of their shoots, and had the following to say (skip to 1:08 to hear about the butt):  


Since Old Man Hill threw his back out over the weekend, he was able to inspire some fun torture in the form of Hill-mails.  In case you missed it: 


And of course, we had our Monday staples, Masshole Theater (Glengarry Glen Ross) and Inside The Simple Male Mind with LB:


We will be back bright and early tomorrow... unless Greg doesn't make it out of bed.  :)