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Monday Recap!

It's still not a guarantee that "Top Gun 2" will happen, but it's closer to reality than it's been in a long time.  And according to producer Jerry Bruckheimer, if it happens, it'll be about Tom Cruise having to prove himself against drones.  He says, quote, "The concept is, basically, are the pilots obsolete because of drones?  Cruise is going to show them that they're not obsolete.  They're here to stay."  "Top Gun" director Tony Scott actually came up with that concept before he committed suicide in 2012.  Bruckheimer says getting the movie made depends on getting a budget the studio is happy with and finding time in Cruise's schedule.  We were discussing Top Gun 2 this morning, and were trying to figure out if there would be a geriatric story line with the original characters. Here's Kelly McGillis in 2010...

Photo: Wikimedia/gdcgraphics


Who shoots a guy at his own mother's funeral?  Good Lord.  This whole ordeal unfolded on Route 3 on Saturday in Duxbury.  Rapper "Benzino" was en route to Plymouth to bury his mother, and his nephew shot him.  Evidently, "tensions had been mounting between the two" for some time.  Benzino (real name:  Raymond Scott) is ok, and he spoke with the Boston Herald last night.   Several texters brought up the beef between Eminem and Benzino from back in the day... here's more on that.  (BTW, if you want some entertainment, follow the video over to YouTube and read the comments.)


I really wish I didn't have to remind you people about this, but... DO NOT CALL 911 IF YOU LOCK YOUR KEYS IN YOUR CAR.


Late in the show, Hsu brought up the theory floating around the 'net that Breaking Bad was the prequel to The Walking Dead.  Explore more on that here.


Remember back in the day when you would change your font size to 26 point to make a two-paragraph paper fit 5 pages?  (Well, some of you will... others were born after teachers started instituting requirements on font sizes.)  This kid figured out how changing one font could save millions:


As-yet-to-be-nicknamed producer Rob has contributed with his first game ever:  Masshole Theater!  Take a listen to the podcast if you missed it.  


Also on today's show:

If you have kids, you probably won't be surprised that "Frozen" is now the highest grossing animated film OF ALL TIME.

Oh, Title IX... you've done it again.  

Ever mistakenly replied all?  Then you might sympathize with this guy.