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Monday Recap!

27-year-old virgin?  I'll be the judge of that.

Today, we spoke with Elizabeth Raine toward the end of the show.  Starting April 1, her virginity will go up for auction on the interwebs.  She is a medical student and came up with the idea to auction off her virginity to the highest bidder after seeing Natalie Dylan do the same in 2009.  Elizabeth told us that she really hadn't hung onto her purity for any particular reason... it just kinda happened that way.  So now, for the highest bid, you can spend a 12-hour date with her.  The catch is that it has to happen OUTSIDE the U.S. because of laws against prostitution.  Check out the inverview podcast if you missed it.  Naturally, we asked all of the appropriate questions.  


I love when we talk about animals in captivity and Greg tries to tell me that the bears love to dance around in little tutus and do tricks.  Right.  So that's why these circus elephants busted loose.  Because it's fun.  :)


These two dopes are getting married.  Every day.  FOR A YEAR.  

Actor James Rebhorn died on Friday, after a long battle with skin cancer.  He was 65.  He'd been dealing with melanoma for 20 years.  You probably didn't recognize James' name, but you'd definitely recognize his face.  He's been in tons of movies and TV shows.  Most recently, James played the father of Claire Danes' character on "Homeland", and he also had a role on the USA Network show "White Collar."  He also played an expert witness in "My Cousin Vinny,” and the Secretary of Defense in "Independence Day.”

Of course, in MY mind, he is most well known for his role as DIstrict Attorney in the final episode of Seinfeld.


Here's the one thing that burns Spaz more than anything:  another reason for LB to do less work.  

Facts Schmacts

Inside the Simple Male Mind


Also on today's show:

Food fight at the Golden Corral, you say?  I'm shocked.  

White Guilt Segment of the Day - ABC cancels "Alice in Arabia"

Calgary radio station under fire for burning money instead of giving it away

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