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Monday Recap!

If you missed our live broadcast at Wachusett Mountain, you're bummin'. 

Our buddy Spazzy joined us this morning to pass the producer baton to Rob, our new guy.  Well, that's Greg's theory.  Spaz said he was coming down so he could "get hammered and tell the listeners how much he hates them."  Which is basically what he's going to do.  Also, Spaz thinks social media is useless if you're a business owner.


During the 7 o'clock hour, comedian Craig Gass joined us (he's at The Regent Theatre in Arlington on Saturday, get tix here) to chat and toss out some of his impressions.  If you missed it, take a listen to the podcast.  Later in the show, Craig let Rob know that he did a pretty horrific Mark Wahlberg impression when he was here last April.  Which, of course, you can find right here.  


Super TV hottie and local homegirl Maria Menounos joined ust at 8:15 after Hill-mail for a very special Townie Throwdown.  (Actually, it was more like a quiz...)


New England Patriot Julian Edelman was supposed to give us a buzz during the 9 o'clock hour today... we couldn't wake him up.  Can't blame him...


Also on today's show:

Third time's NOT a charm for one driver

Newman is not dead.  Jerry!

And finally, local woman (and Maxim Hometown Hottie semifinalist, if you care) busted for drug possession and such.  

Photo:  Portsmouth Police Department