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Monday Recap!

It's reported that a video (film) of a threesome involving Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kennedy, and Bobby Kennedy is going to hit the auction block tomorrow.  A memoriabilia collector named William Castleberry was in possession of this film, but had to give it up because he was being sued after selling a fake statue.  The attorneys that have taken the film are looking to get at least $200k from the sale of it.  The collector is said to have verified that the footage is authentic, but the jury is still out on that.  We asked on Facebook how much you guys think it would sell for, and were a bit surprised at how many people felt it would be inappropriate to release this footage.  What's your take?  Here's the conversation so far.  


The Oscars were last night... did you watch?  Did you see Travolta absolutely BUTCHER Idina Menzel's name when he was introducing her performance of "Let It Go" from the movie "Frozen?"  I mean.. it wasn't even close.  Adela Dazeeb?  What?  


Liza Minelli's nipple.  AND SCENE.  


Forget Blondie Bennett... let's go back to the real-life Ukranian Barbie... Valeria Lukyanova.  Not only has this broad had all kinds of surgery to make herself look like Barbie, but now she has sworn off eating.  Because that's healthy.  She's practicing BREATHARIANISM.  That's a new practice where you live only on sunlight and air.  Which is great... for about three days... until your body starts to shut down from lack of water.  Don't try this at home kids.  If you missed the original piece on here, here it is:


Missed anything?


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Other stories we covered today:

Bill Clinton poses with hookers at event.  World applauds.  

If you live in Gorham, Maine, don't even THINK about sending cupcakes to school with your kid for his birthday.

You can still name an MBTA station, if you have a cool mil lying around.