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Monday Recap!

Good news or bad news depending on which side of the aisle you claim as your own.  Gov. Deval Patrick did an interview with Politico over the weekend and said that he would not rule out a possible run for president.  Previously, he had said he was done with running for office, but evidently he has changed his mind.  Naturally, we figure he will hold off until Hillary has had her 8 years.  


Madison Rising, "America's most patriotic band" (at least according to them) performed the national anthem at Saturday's Daytona opener.  They made it their own for sure, and a lot of people did not care for the way in which it was performed.  Which led me to thinking... if the Dropkicks had done a punk rendition at Fenway before the home opener... would people be so outraged?  Are people going nuts every time an R&B singer is throwing notes all over the place?  I haven't really seen this much public reaction to a performance of the anthem in, well, ever.  What did you think? 


Today's Fun with 911 segment was about a woman in Tampa who called police after she got a raw waffle at the Village Inn restaurant, and the manager refused to refund her money.  After she at it.  AFTER SHE ATE IT.  Take a listen to the 911 call here:


You probably heard about the Girl Scout in San Francicso who decided to sell her cookies outside a medical marijuana dispensary last week, and sold over 100 boxes in two hours.  We inducted her into the Mantown Hall of Fame.  Well, she's not the only one.  A girl in Phoenix decided to do the same thing after hearing this story, and while she didn't have quite the same success, she did pretty well.  


A waitress in Florida gave a guy a sob story about not having money for college.  So he leaves her a $6,600 tip.  Turns out, her story may not have been entirely accurate.  


Danny Paille of the Boston Bruins joined us in the 9 o'clock hour to talk a little hockey.  Podcast now available.  


Also discussed today:  

Robots are going to outsmart humans in 15 years.  You've been warned.  

A guy in Long Island bought a cake for his 96th birthday . . . and found a RAT'S TAIL baked into it.  But he didn't notice until he'd already taken a bite.

This was on our list but we didn't have time to get to it:  A 48-year-old drunk driver in Knoxville, Tennessee crashed through the wall of a gym.  And his truck finally came to a stop when it landed in the gym's pool.