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Monday Recap!

Sad news, for those of you hoping to see George Zimmerman get his face beat in.


The celeb boxing match between him and DMX has been called off, due to too many complaints about Zimmerman being "glorified" as a celebrity.  Damon Feldman, owner of Celebrity Boxing, has been throwing all sorts of stuff out on his twitter page.  Crafty little sucker... he is having a press conference later today to "discuss" the decision to cancel the fight, but he wants people to go to his WEBSITE (instead of replying on twitter) to give their reactions.  Oh... you little internet cad, you.  What a crafty way to increase page views.  TECHIES ARE ONTO YOU, BUDDY!  Here's what a few people had to say when he mentioned the press conference earlier: 

I'll be interested to see what ACTUALLY happens here.  Stay tuned.  


Big controversy up at Rockport High School.  The kiddos have been flouting a rule in the dress code that bans leggings by wearing yoga pants, which school administrators feel are basically the same thing.  So, they told students at an assembly last week, "no yoga pants for you!", and about 20 girls wore them on Friday in protest.  Rut roh, Rorge.  The girls were told to go home and change, and were also given written warnings.  We got mixed reactions on Facebook when we asked you to chime in as to whether or not this was a big deal.  Parents... teachers... what do you think?  Is this a distraction or no big deal?  Leave us a comment below.  For more on the story, go here.  


We also went inside the simple male mind with LB to answer your most burning questions.  (Maybe that's gonorrhea... you should get that checked.)

Check out today's Hill-mail messages, if you missed them.  


Finally, here are a few other stories we discussed today:

Foxy Knoxy got a porn offer.  Meanwhile, Steven Hirsch is doubled over with laughter because, "bitch, we tried that in '11."

This woman breastfed a puppy to save its life.  Cue the collective "awww" from 8% of the crowd and hand the barf bags to the rest.

Jonny Gomes got a Red Sox tattoo.  People seemed less than thrilled.  You be the judge.  You're all experts at everything.