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Monday Recap!

So, how are you feeling after the big game last night?  Pretty much everyone who checked in with us this morning was thrilled about the Seahawks' victory.  


There were mixed reactions to many of the commercials last night.  Let's break it down...

Seems that these were the two big favorites last night:  Radio Shack and Budweiser (puppy version.)


Seems that Coca-Cola caused quite a bit of controversy.  Does it bother you to hear "America the Beautiful" in other languages besides English?


And it really pains me to say that a good amount of people are "still" bothered by this Cheerios storyline.  Hmph.


What did you think of the commercials this year?  Weigh in below with your opinion, espeically about the videos shown above.  


Couple of tough accidents over the weekend involving older drivers.  There was a woman in Florida who drove into a crowd of people outside a golf club after losing control of her Tahoe.  Three people died, and four more were injured.  An older man in South Boston lost control of his car and, after much destruction, plowed into the Rite Aid.  Luckily, no one was hurt.  


We're getting six more weeks of winter... at least if you believe the groundhogs.  It was a tough day yesterday for NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio.  He accidentally dropped the groundhog after the little sucker wriggled free from his grip.  


Other things we talked about this morning:  

Men, I hate to even suggest it, but if you want to have a healthy marriage, you need to watch 5 romantic comedies with your lady a month.  

Ohio man Bill Standley was buried on his Harley after he died.  Man loved his bike.  

No beer drones for you, ice fishers in Wisconsin.  


We also went Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB!