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Monday 8-4-14 Recap!

Ever wanted to do this to a neighbor?  You know you have.  Or, at the very least, to someone you couldn't stand.  We aren't quite sure where this was shot, but the world seems to have a lot to say about it.  Check out the responses on our facebook page.  


Facebook went down for 19 minutes on Friday.  Evidently, this was reason enough for people to call 911.  Because, clearly, the world was ending.  

Reps from the LA County Sheriff's Department said they received numerous calls about the outage.  Sigh.  


There have been SO many cases of people leaving kids in hot cars this summer, so it's no wonder there was some confusion recently in New Jersey:


LB killed it during Inside The Simple Male Mind today.  Seriously.  On fire.  Check it out if you missed it:


Also on today's show:

Masshole Theater


If you're 102 years old, you probably don't want to die in a nursing home, surrounded by misery.  So start riding your ATV...

One Mom in Utah was told, via letter, that it was in poor taste for her to breastfeed in front of children at her kid's school.

Burglar breaks into home, smokes woman's ashes.  *cough*


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